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TAIGLOBAL Group departments include Customer Service & Sales, O&R Dycom, and O&R Accessory. Together, these companies make up one of the most comprehensive teams in the world specializing in UH-60/S-70 overhaul, repair, and parts support. Each Department brings a unique set of capabilities to offer our clients the solutions they need. The departments are brought together with a common goal and philosophy: to provide service at a whole new altitude.

Customer Service & Sales

This department is known as a leader in customer service includings, parts analysis and quality assurance.

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O&R Dycom

O&R Dycom is an FAA Certified aviation repair and overhaul facility that specializes in the UH-60/S-70 helicopters. This department has a long history of excellence in the aviation community from working with various civilian and government organizations.

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O&R Accessory

Our O&R Accessory Department is the newest member of the TAIGLOBAL Group family bringing together a highly skilled team of technicians that specialize in repair and maintenance of the UH-60/S-70 helicopters and are certified under ISO standards.

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Perfect Combination

By uniting a leading parts and supply distributor, an FAA Certified repair and overhaul facility, and an ISO Certified repair and maintenance team, TAIGLOBAL Group has the ability to ensure your aircraft are kept at an efficient and safe level of service. With our unique team of professionals, we are the answer to your aviation needs.